Engineering firms, OEMs and research centers

The maturity of certain renewable technologies and the constant evolution of regulatory frameworks can create new opportunities for engineering firms, technology developers and research centers.

ENEA advises and provides support to its clients to help them identify the most relevant strategies and technologies for them based on their competencies and identity.

ENEA’s independence enables it to freely examine all technologies in order to identify and promote the solutions most adapted to its clients.

They trust us

  • Axens
  • DCNS
  • Fives
  • Maguin
  • Prosernat
  • technip
  • ZZ Autres

Our areas of expertise

  • Biogas, biomass and biofuels
  • CO2 capture and storage
  • Energy access
  • Energy storage
  • Hydrogen energy
  • Industrial ecology and waste recycling
  • Industrial Energy Efficiency
  • Natural gas
  • Network system and electricity market

Our offers


Delving deeper into a subject or a vision thanks to rigorous studies


Forward-looking Environmental & Social studies

Study the main environmental and social evolutions expected for 2030, to be able to seize opportunities (new markets, new products and services) and manage risks.

Energy Sector Analyses

Provide a clear and objective vision of a technology or a market, based on a precise and rigorous analysis of an energy sector, in order to prepare a strategic position.

Business intelligence

Provide monthly reports highlighting key information gleaned from publications across the world to keep watch over evolutions in a sector, from technologies to its actors.

Energy Market Analysis

Analyze probable energy market evolutions according to the characteristics of a technology in order to identify new markets and develop new products.

Market studies

Provide an objective outside view to survey potential customers and identify their main expectations.


Taking a position on a market or a technology thanks to strategic recommendations and analyses


Sustainable Development Strategies

Provide an in-depth understanding of the opportunities and threats associated with sustainable development challenges for a company’s business, in order to identify growth opportunities (new markets, new products) and improve its performance and resilience to environmental risks.

Innovation and R&D Strategies

Analyze customer expectations, company strengths and the competition to select the right topics (markets, technologies), define an innovation and R&D strategy, and build a roadmap adapted to the company.

Technology Marketing

Provide an independent external viewpoint to analyze potential markets for a technology
, integrate the opinions of different types of customers in the development roadmap
, build a more incisive message for each profile.


Implementing projects thanks to operational support


Feasibility studies & engineering for Energy Efficiency projects

Carry out a rigorous analysis of the energy and exergy balance at the scale of a site or a process to reduce the associated energy consumption.

Support for innovation projects

Set up or boost innovation projects (internal or collaborative) and assist in finding partners and/or financing.

Business development

Assist in the definition of a commercial strategy adapted to the complex industrial contexts of innovative projects.

Support of local initiatives / Project management assistance

Provide support to projects during their feasibility and project works phases to develop energy projects at a local level.