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Enea is an international strategy consultancy advancing energy and climate solutions.

Energy transition

Maximise opportunities

As advisors, experts and business partners, we shape new energy and climate solutions via strategy, innovation and modelling services.

Strategy, Investment & New business

  • Growth and diversification strategy

  • Decarbonisation strategy

  • Financial advisory and transaction services

  • Regulatory and policy advice

Innovation & Technology

  • Market analysis and benchmarks

  • Business cases and cost-benefit analyses

  • Feasibility studies (technical and financial)

  • R&D and innovation roadmapping

Assessments, Modelling & Data science

  • Business and financial modelling

  • Predictive analytics and machine learning

  • Risk modelling

  • Social, environmental, economic impact assessments

Latest report

Australia's Bioenergy Roadmap

Australia’s Bioenergy Roadmap was prepared by Enea and Deloitte for the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA). The Roadmap has been developed following extensive consultation to enhance the growth of Australia’s bioenergy sector and identify bioenergy’s role in Australia’s future energy mix. It is designed to help inform future policy and investment decisions.
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Key topics

Energy production and resources

Wind and solar are taking over, reshaping entire energy systems and empowering customers. Hydrogen will unlock deep decarbonisation across the whole economy. Bioenergies are complementary, and offer drop-in alternatives to fossil energies to produce renewable electricity, heat and transport fuel.

Renewable & distributed power

Biogas & hydrogen

Biofuels & bioenergies

Waste & resources


A suite of new solutions such as storage, microgrids and data-driven automation are enabling smarter networks. Beyond fossil derived natural gas, renewable gases such as hydrogen are taking centre stage for gas networks. District heating and cooling networks offer efficient, low carbon solutions to serve cities. Carbon capture utilisation and storage provides options for hard-to-abate sectors.

Storage, microgrids & smart networks

Carbon capture, utilisation & storage

Energy infrastructure: power, gas, heating, cooling

Consumption and usage

Buildings, transport, industries must all reduce their emissions faster, through energy efficiency and whole of sector transformations. Energy consumers are becoming active players of the energy system, and new models emerge, from demand response to community energy. Equitable, affordable energy should be available for all to ensure sustainable development goals are attained.

CO2 & GHG management

Energy efficiency & industrial ecology

Low carbon transport

Energy access & off-grid systems

Giving back, making a difference

Enea’s energy access pro-bono work is about making sure the energy transition does not leave anyone behind. We assist communities, start-ups and social entrepreneurs in developing countries with energy access and climate change solutions.


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