Enea opens its fourth office in Singapore

After Melbourne and Hong Kong, ENEA doubles down on its commitment to accelerate energy transition in Asia Pacific.

According to ENEA’s research, Asia Pacific accounted for 45% of global investments in energy sectors in 2019. Fuelled by economic and demographic growth, the region will outpace the rest of the world in technology development and deployment, creating huge investment opportunities for international and regional players alike. With nearly 50% of global GHG emissions and large populations still unelectrified, accelerating energy and climate transition in Asia Pacific will also bring massive positive impact.

Helping energy companies and infrastructure operators diversify and adapt their business model, supporting C&I players in their decarbonization roadmaps and advising financial institutions to channel investments and financing on low-carbon sectors and viable solutions is ENEA’s mission.

“The Covid-19 crisis has been an eye-opener for governments and companies alike: there is a dire and urgent need to enhance the sustainability and resilience of our economies. For the energy systems, this means more decentralization, leveraging domestic resources (e.g. bio-energies, wind and solar microgrids); more flexibility (e.g. energy storage systems, demand management) and more R&D and innovation (e.g. smarter power networks, carbon capture and storage, development of H2 economies and global trade)”, indicated Vincent Kientz, Founder and CEO of ENEA. “We keep developing and leveraging our global expertise and footprint to act as a bridge between the corporate world and the financial world in the region to make that change happen”.

“We have also widely expanded our coverage in Asia over the past 4 years, building a strong network of local partners in the East and South East Asia markets. More than ever, we can support cross-border activities for our European, Asian and Australian clients.”

Singapore means long term.

“The choice of Singapore was an obvious one for our second office in Asia: a rich ecosystem of industries, a regional hub for sustainable finance, numerous research and innovation centres, and world-class universities“, added Pierre Dennery, head of the new office. “Singapore is making a sound bet on the long term for a more sustainable future. ENEA will heed the call and build a team of talented local energy and sustainability specialists.”

For more information: singapore@enea-consulting.com