Data opportunities for smarter networks

Data is a key enabler of the digital transformation of businesses, and digitalisation is revolutionising multiple sectors of the economy. This includes the energy sector. Digitalisation and the future of electricity In this sector, network service providers (NSPs) — who are responsible for planning, building, operating and maintaining electricity networks – are becoming increasingly data‐driven.

PAYGO in Madagascar, Baobab+ ‘s experience

In many developing countries, access to electricity is still a major socio-economic issue. Madagascar, where the electrification rate in rural areas barely reaches 6%, is a perfect illustration of this. The extension of electricity networks often requires a large and risky investment. As a result, and under the effect of a significant reduction in the

Future grid for distributed energy

ENEA Consulting was commissioned by CitiPower and Powercor to examine the issues faced by Australian distribution networks in maintaining security and quality of supply in the context of increasing distributed energy resources (DER). The study assessed the techno-economic performance of potential solutions. The study also made recommendations to enable increased DER on distribution networks. The

Integrating impact in infrastructure investment strategies and operations

There has never been a more meaningful time to integrate impact into infrastructure investment strategies and operations, and it has never before been more necessary to invest in more resilient assets for cities, communities, and future generations. Today we are sharing our roadmap to meeting this critical, realizable challenge. Over the last 4 years Meridiam

LPG Safety, Innovation, and Market Growth

Issues related to LPG safety, both real and perceived, inhibit the uptake of LPG by consumers, slowing potential market growth, and contributing to lack of confidence in return on investment for both investors and companies. Innovative technologies and other potential solutions are emerging that both purposefully and indirectly alleviate safety concerns.

Scaling LPG For Cooking in Developing Markets.

This report highlights key market, financing, and regulatory challenges related to the scale-up of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as a cooking fuel, particularly for those low-income families living at the “base of the pyramid” (BoP). The content was developed from information acquired through a technical assistance engagement the Clean Cooking Alliance and ENEA Consulting delivered to KopaGas in Tanzania.

Biogas opportunities for Australia

Biogas is a renewable, reliable and local energy source. The biogas industry provides an alternative route for waste treatment while contributing to the development of local economies. ENEA Consulting was commissioned by Bioenergy Australia to prepare this public report, which examines the benefits of biogas and the hurdles currently faced by the industry in Australia. The report also includes recom-mendations to advance Australia’s biogas sector.

Ensuring steady cash flows in off-grid solar microgrid projects

How can microgrid developers increase project financial attractiveness? Over 1.1 billion people in the world today do not have access to electricity. Approximately 600 million of these people live in Sub-Saharan Africa. Distributed renewable microgrids are widely recognized for their potential to bring electricity to hundreds of millions of Sub-Saharan Africans. These village-scale assets range

Overview of the biomethane sector in France and ideas for its development

ENEA Consulting and 7 reference partners – Biogaz Vallée, Cryo Pur, GRDF, GRTgaz, Meridiam, TIGF and TOTAL – have published a report on their in-depth study of the French biomethane sector’s state of development. This comprehensive and objective overview is completed by ideas to boost the development of the sector. Launched in 2011, the French

Fostering renewable energy integration in the industry

Renewable energy (RE) integration in the industry is already widespread worldwide. Beyond GHG emissions reduction, it brings direct operational, economical and non-financial benefits to industrial players in a changing energy environment. ENEA Consulting published the results of a study on the integration of RE in the industry conducted in partnership with Kerdos Energy for the