Energy and carbon for green chemistry

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Energie et carbone pour une chimie verte

PDF, French

In this publication, Enea Consulting develops two of the strategic areas on which green chemistry is based for industrial companies: energy efficiency and the use of renewable inputs. It highlights all topics related to energy and carbon in chemistry, from supply (biofeedstocks, CO2 recovery) to final products (life cycle assessment, recyclability) and processes (energy efficiency, biorefineries, use of microalgae).

Since 2006, the massive exploitation of American shale gas has enabled the United States to reduce the price of gas by a factor of 3 and plan the investment of 100 billion dollars in new industrial capacity, with a major impact on the chemical sector. For its part, despite a strong capacity to innovate, the European chemical industry is suffering from an aging workforce and high production costs. It must therefore face fierce competitiveness with the United States, but also with Asia, which represents today 46% of the world market, and with the Middle East, now benefiting from the 50 billion dollars invested in the chemical sector in the 2000s.

The different energy prices and a cheap labor force in the United States complicates the competitiveness of European manufacturers. To get out of this crisis, their ability to innovate can enable them reduce the environmental impact of their products, an added value to which their direct customers, end consumers and governments are paying increasing attention.


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