ENEA Australia goes live!

Opening of ENEA’s Australian subsidiary in Melbourne

ENEA is promoting energy transition from one end of the world to the other

Why Australia? What’s happening there?

After having participated in several successful projects in Australia run with local partners and clients, ENEA opened a subsidiary in Melbourne on April 2016, ENEA Australia Pty Ltd, to contribute to energy and environmental transition locally and in the long term. Australia, a dynamic energy market with high renewable energies penetration and energy storage system integration, is modernizing its networks and infrastructures, developing decentralized production and distribution models, and showing ambitious objectives for the growth of green sectors.

“Companies and organizations move swiftly in Australia, they reinvent themselves and don’t hesitate to launch new businesses and new offers. Investment funds, electricity distributors, telco companies and major municipalities are working with us. We are building on the strategic and operational expertise acquired over the last nine years and also on our experience in Europe. We started with a team of five and now we’re looking to grow”, indicated Olivier Lacroix, CEO of ENEA Australia Pty Ltd.

What’s the connection with Europe? Will there be any value for European organizations?

ENEA is now able to share with its European clients “concrete” experience in rapid energy and environmental transition applied to a very large territory and in a different context (geopolitical, resources, regulations, business models, etc.). This local presence will also make it possible to build connections and different types of cooperation between European and Australian organizations.

Vincent Kientz, the President of ENEA Consulting SAS, added: “These different experiences, locations and networks will allow us to better serve our clients in Europe and across the world. Our teams were already used to working internationally (USA, Canada, Africa, Europe), and the creation of this subsidiary is a fabulous opportunity for us to have a lasting base in this dynamic region and gives us a true gateway to Asia. The acceleration of ENEA’s international development is a confirmation of the fact that energy transition has a regional footprint: there are as many solutions and opportunities as there are geographical contexts.”

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Photo : CC BY-ND 2.0 Alan Lam