Results of ENEA Access 1st Call for Projects 2018

The ENEA team is pleased to announce the results of its 1st Call for Projects 2018. ENEA Consulting, strategy consulting firm specialised in environmental and energy transition, received 67 applications from energy access enterprises operating in 23 African countries an 17 Asia Pacific countries. The ENEA team has  selected 5 projects, which will all receive pro bono support from ENEA Consulting’s high calibre energy consultants. The companies are:

  • Village Industrial Power (VIP) (India) designs, manufactures and distributes biomass-fueled combined heat and power solutions for the agricultural sector in Kenya and India. ENEA Consulting will support VIP to refine its market study of the dairy sector and to define the go-to-market strategy for its new micro dairy solution in India.
  • InspiraFarms (Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa) designs and markets solar chillers for isolated agricultural areas, in order to reduce food losses and energy costs and support local farmers economic development. ENEA Consulting will support InspiraFarms in analysing and structuring an innovative business model in Kenya.
  • Phenix Recycling (Tanzania/Kenya/Uganda) provides sustainable waste management and recycling services for East African companies. ENEA Consulting will support Phenix Recycling in measuring the environmental and social impacts of its operations.
  • Three Wheels United (India) provides a financing service for three-wheel electric vehicles, in order to reduce pollution in Indian cities while improving the lives and financial inclusion of drivers. ENEA Consulting will support Three Wheels United in selecting the electric vehicle charging model and developing the company’s expansion strategy.
  • New Sun Road (East Africa) develops a platform to monitor and control frontier power systems such as solar microgrids and critical infrastructure systems. ENEA Consulting’s support will consist of a market and business analysis to shape developement opportunities of New Sun Road’s IoT solution in East Africa.

Each of these organizations will benefit from 30-50 days of pro bono consulting. ENEA consultants will work closely with the energy access start-ups and spend more than half of the pro bono consulting days in the field.

ENEA Consulting would like to thank all the candidates and all the members of the energy access community who have contributed to the success of this call for projects 2018.

We urge all project holders who have not been selected to re-apply to our next calls for projects later this year. Stay tuned!

ENEA Consulting is a strategy consulting firm specialised in environmental and energy transition.
For more information about ENEA Access program, go to ENEA Access page