Fostering renewable energy integration in the industry

Renewable energy (RE) integration in the industry is already widespread worldwide. Beyond GHG emissions reduction, it brings direct operational, economical and non-financial benefits to industrial players in a changing energy environment. ENEA Consulting published the results of a study on the integration of RE in the industry conducted in partnership with Kerdos Energy for the

The value of thermal energy storage and power-to-heat in France (ENEA/Artelys)

The study draws the landscape of technical solutions already available and under development for the thermal energy storage and power-to-heat sectors. It assess the value of these technologies and their techno-economic potential for 6 case studies in applications and sectors deemed of interest: district heating, industrial waste heat recovery, combined heat and power, domestic hot water.

Domestic biogas – Feedback from Rwanda

In 2015, ENEA conducted an intermediate evaluation of the bigoas project EVE of the NGO VSF-B in Rwanda. It aimed at assessing its performances and impacts and provide recommendations for a scale-up phase. This work offers a precious feedback on domestic biogas to pursue the development of this clean cooking solution in developing countries.

Ideas for the future of energy efficiency financing in the French industry

In the coming years, improving the industrial competitiveness implies major investments, notably those that induce a significant reduction of energy consumption of manufacturing processes. Financing major investments in the industry, which cover the integration of technological innovations or which target incremental improvement of the energy performance seems to be one of the barriers to the

The potential of power-to-gas, an ENEA study

The study, co-financed by the Tuck Foundation and KIC InnoEnergy, draws a review of power-to-gas technologies (hydrogen and synthetic methane) and assesses their economic potential for energy markets (grid injection and mobility).

New ENEA study on CO2 chemical valorization

This study ordered by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), aims at taking stock of the different technologies used for the chemical conversion of CO2 in order to have a better understanding of their development potential by 2030