It’s time… ENEA is hiring!

It’s a question of interest

Are you interested?

In contributing to convincing international clients (corporate, investors, institutions, etc.) of the importance of energy and climate challenges and supporting them during their transition in order to develop long-term business? In working for a firm that for the last 10 years has been exclusively focused on a future with clean energy, a better environment and energy access for all? In working in a different type of consulting firm that is based on real values and an original model?

In growing your skills, devoting your professional energy to these topics to develop ideas that will make it possible to reconcile environmental protection with long-term economic development? In taking on supervisory, business and managerial responsibilities without having to wait 10 years before you’re offered a promotion or trusted? In proposing ideas, being listened to and given real responsibilities when your ideas are convincing? In completing projects and delivering results at the level of your commitment?

Would you like to work in different countries, either on a project or long-term basis? Would you like to be a part of a cooperation-based organization that is demanding and motivating, yet open and ready to listen? Would you like to be challenged while being supported by associates and senior advisors who have occupied the highest positions in major companies worldwide?

Will we be interested?

Are you passionate about energy and the environment? Are you capable of understanding a new topic quickly, of grasping the main challenges, of coming up with original solutions and presenting a clear and interesting vision of your ideas? Do you have a vision or expertise in the energy/environmental sectors that are developing worldwide? Can you explain why and justify the basis of your arguments? Do you have ideas about topics for the future, about growth strategies that could be adopted by different market actors, about driving the emergence of new sectors or about ways to reinvent business models?

Do you know how to listen to, understand and challenge clients to better support them? Do you have business sense? Do you know how to manage a team, stimulate discussions and motivate people? Are you creative, honest, rigorous, inspiring? Are you ready to work hard to deliver results and get out of your comfort zone?

Do you have a background in strategic advisory consulting? In project finance? In M&A in energy? In specialized consulting? If not, will you be able to convince us that “you haven’t done it yet but you’re amongst the best to do it”?

# If you answered yes to most of these questions… it’s a good sign!

What positions are available?

There are currently three precise job offers, but we know how to put things into perspective, to be patient and/or to recruit if we feel strongly about a candidate.

We will however only meet with people who have at minimum 3 years of experience: it’s the only criteria that may seem idiotic – sorry about that – we have already recruited excellent junior staff and we need to balance things out. Previous consulting experience as well as a good level in French are also targeted.
We will not be able to interview all candidates either but we promise to respond to your application within roughly 15 days.

Available positions

  • Senior consultant/manager (3 – 6 years of experience) with a background in electricity, networks & smart grids
    See detailed job offer
  • Senior consultant/manager (3 – 6 years of experience) with a background in agro-waste-energy
    See detailed job offer
  • Manager (5 – 10 years of experience) with a background in strategy and a solid track-record in energy
    See detailed job offer

Main skills:

  • «Technical skills»: comprehension of markets, international vision, in-depth knowledge of subjects mentioned, technical and/or economic expertise
  • «Functional skills»: capacity for synthesis, leadership, developed business sense, intellectual honesty and rigor, curiosity, open mindedness, empathy and team spirit.
  • Languages: at minimum fluent French and English

How to apply?

Send your CV + cover letter to and put in the subject [Oui, j’en ai envie]