About ENEA

ENEA advises and supports industrial and institutional actors in the energy sector.

Our vision

ENEA contributes to the advancement of energy transition and the development of energy access worldwide.

Envisioning an industrial future that reconciles performance with responsibility will require better management of natural resources and the integration of environmental and social dimensions into strategic and operational decision making.

To meet these challenges, ENEA has chosen to work with all of the actors in the energy value chain, from global energy majors to entrepreneurs involved in energy access. 
ENEA provides them with advisory services – preliminary studies for the definition of a marketing, strategy or financial vision – and operational support for the implementation of their projects. 
Thanks to its independent shareholder base and technical expertise, ENEA is able to propose a holistic approach to energy and environmental topics in view of developing innovative and effective solutions.

Since 2007, ENEA has been advising and supporting leading private sector companies and public authorities around the world on the topic of energy transition sectors and markets. 
Through dedicated consulting services and pro bono support to NGOs and social entrepreneurs selected for their high potential impact, ENEA is also committed to energy access.

ENEA is an independent firm based in Paris, Melbourne and Hong Kong that works all over the world.

The team

The ENEA team: a wide variety of backgrounds and experience, open minded and focused on the future, united by shared values and passionate about sustainable development and energy access.

meet the Team

Our partners

ENEA works with an ecosystem of partners that provide complementary skills and experience.

  • Actys
  • C3 Consensus
  • Ecosur Afrique
  • Kerdos
  • Quantis
  • Up Afrique
  • YBL