ENEA combines economic performance with social engagement in a hybrid model creating new values: advising public and private leaders worldwide about energy transition while doing volunteer work with social entrepreneurs and NGOs. This commitment to energy access is embodied in the "ENEA Access" program that comprises three pillars:


Pro bono consulting for social entrepreneurs and NGOs selected through calls for projects.

Development axis

Specialized services for private companies, national and international public authorities and funders of energy access across the world.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing information through the publication of research articles and feedback reports.

Results of 2nd ENEA Access Call for Projects 2017

After receiving over 50 applications of energy access projects from 17 African countries, ENEA team is pleased to announce the results of its 2nd Call for Projects 2017. The ENEA team selected 4 projects, which will all receive pro bono support from ENEA’s high calibre energy consultants. The companies are:

  • Sun Culture (Kenya) designs and sells solar-powered drip irrigation kits for smallholder farmers. ENEA will support Sun Culture in its commercial and distribution strategy for their new RainMaker product.

  • Nanoé (Madagascar) designs, manufactures and develops nano-grids to provide access to electricity to small groups of households and small businesses. ENEA will challenge and improve Nanoé’s operational model in order to help the firm reach scale.

  • Agsol (Australia/Kenya/Tanzania) manufactures solar powered agro-processing machines for off-grid farmers. Agsol is launching in East Africa in 2018, and ENEA will help design the firm’s East Africa market entry strategy.

  • Millennium Microgrid (Tanzania/US) develops, and finances micro-grid projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. ENEA will examine the energy and energy services needs of households and small business, in Millennium Microgrids proposed new microgrid sites.

Each of these 4 organizations will benefit from 35-100 days of pro bono consulting. ENEA consultants will work closely with the energy access start-ups and spend more than half of the pro bono consulting days in the field.

ENEA would like to thank all the candidates and all the members of the energy access community who have contributed to the success of this call for projects.

We urge all project holders who have not been selected to re-apply to our next call for projects in early 2018. Stay tuned!

Find out more about ENEA Access program below!

Presentation of the ENEA Access program

Over 1.3 billion people across the world don’t have access to electricity and 2.6 billion people still rely on the traditional use of biomass for cooking. Energy access is one of the major challenges of the 21st century as it is a lever for economic and human development, at both the individual and national levels.

With this challenge in mind, ENEA has launched the ENEA Access Call for Projects to support Non Profits, NGOs, Technology Developers and Social Entrepreneurs in developing their energy access initiatives in Africa. To achieve this objective, ENEA has committed to providing each selected project with 30 - 100 days of its consulting services on a pro-bono basis. In 2017, ENEA will launch two calls for projects to select these projects developers.

Why do we do this? It's simple. ENEA works with both big and small Energy Access actors all around the world. Some of the smaller actors potentially have exactly the type of local impact we're looking for but don’t have the budget to pay for normal consulting fees. ENEA Access Call for Projects was created to identify the world's best impact-driven energy access projects and to provide them with the support they need to be successful!

ENEA Access offer

Each selected project will receive 30 - 100 days of consulting services provided by ENEA, representing a value of up to 120,000 €.

Depending on project maturity, these services may span all phases of a project's development:

  • Performance of feasibility studies, market studies and technology benchmarks to fine tune your project design
  • Analysis and creation of business models / business plans to define your positioning
  • Support in pilot project implementation to test your solution in real conditions
  • Definition of a scale-up strategy, performance of techno-economic analyses, process management and partner identification for the full-scale roll out your solution / business model
  • Environmental and socio-economic impact assessment to add value to your project with potential donors

Discover a sample of projects that have benefited from ENEA Access pro-bono consulting services.


In addition to ENEA's expertise and pro-bono consulting, each selected project will also have direct access to their network of local development partners, industrial companies, investors and technology developers.

Priority will be given to projects where at least 50% of the mission assigned to ENEA is spent “in the field” in the target country.

NB: In order to ensure the project developers’ involvement, the fixed costs (economy travel and housing) associated with the field trips will be the responsibility of the project organizer.